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Some quick links below for useful graphics and coding sites:

Graphics Sources and Design Inspiration

Kuler Adobe site thumbnail
An excellent pallette maker, colour picker and colour themes editor from Adobe Labs.

Cool Home Pages site thumbnail
Need some design inspiration? There are hundreds of well vetted and well designed sites in multiple categories on this well known site.

iStock site thumbnail
Well respected and very good value source for photographs, illustrations, videos and animations.

Layout and CSS Resources

CSS Zen Garden thumbnail
The beauty and power of CSS. See multiple design variations based upon CSS control alone with no changes to underlying HTML. An important site to showcase CSS, the separation of content from layout and an excellent resource for CSS tips and fixes.

Position is Everything site thumbnail
This site explains some obtuse CSS bugs in modern browsers, provides demo examples of interesting CSS behaviors, and shows how to "make it work" without using tables for layout purposes.

Quirks Mode site thumbnail is the personal and professional site of Peter-Paul Koch, freelance web developer in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It contains about 120 pages with CSS and JavaScript tips and tricks, and is one of the best sources on the WWW for studying and defeating browser incompatibilities. It is free of charge and ads, and largely free of copyrights.

Joshuaink2006 site thumbnail
CSS site from John Oxton, web standards-based user interface design and production developer. Great design and a much imitated site.

Tanfa site thumbnail
CSS resource with useful examples, crib sheets, articles and layouts.

456 Berea Street site thumbnail
The CSS and XHTML Lab. This site is a collection of experiments, methods, tips and tricks related to CSS and XHTML.

WC3 Web Standards Validation css-validator site thumbnail
WC3 CSS Validation Service. Check Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and (X)HTML documents with style sheets.

validator site thumbnail
WC3 Markup Validation Service. This validator checks the markup validity of Web documents in HTML, XHTML, SMIL, MathML, etc.

Coding Resources


Special Character Codes | HTML Markup

HTML characters thumbnail
Handy reference lookup table for special characters in HTML you always forget.


Hypertext Preprocessor

php classes site thumbnail
PHP Classes Repository is a service created in 1999 as a means of distributing freely available programming classes of objects written in the PHP Web scripting language. The goal of this service is to build a base of programming components ready to be used in Web applications written in PHP.

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