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A warm welcome. You are viewing our forthcoming resource, The Knowledge Centre home page.
In addition to beng a useful site (with luck), you might also call it musings, lessons and code fixes from the wired world of epromotion, online marketing and technical web design.

So it's a pseudo techy blog then?

Well, more than that we hope. The idea is to be somewhere in between a place to have a science and interweb ideas rant and importantly, a damn good compendium of the many fixes, hacks, quirks, workarounds and bright sparks we've found over time in the biz.

On that basis I should start by thanking Dave Reeder for his rather attractive layout here. Although, I added the (XHTML Strict) compliant Flash component. Inspect the source code of this page and you'll find the helpful code snippett to validate SWF files with parameters, together with Accessible 'no-flash' image replacement. Al Cain 01.03.2008

Finally got round to posting a bit of extra content. WordPress 'Today's date' plugin now addd to our WordPress Extensions page. 14.03.11

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The day job is for our own company, SystemCore. Our homepage is here. More soon...

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